We Light Up Dunedin

Who we are

We are the Downtown Dunedin Merchants Asoociation.  Nestled in delightful downtown Dunedin on Clearwater Bay, the DDMA is a not-for-profit organization that was developed to promote awareness of the local merchants in the business community.  We do this by organizing and implementing downtown events, advertising through local publications and online media outlets, and networking with like minded business organizations.

How we work



Monthly meetings and planned events create a perfect venue to meet like-minded local business owners.


The DDMA offers so many opportunities for advertising, many of which are included in your membership

Have a voice

We have strong ties with City Officials enabling us to easily communicate and help make changes locally.


There are two types of Memberships available for the Downtown Dunedin Merchants Association.  CRA Memberships include businesses in the downtown core CRA district.  Associate Memberships include businesses located outside of the downtown core.


CRA Basic – $295 Annually
CRA Silver – $500 Annually
CRA Gold – $750 Annually
CRA Platinum – $1000 Annually


Associate Basic – $150 Annually
Associate Silver – $350 Annually
Associate Gold – $600 Annually
Associate Platinum – $850 Annually

* There is an additional one time setup fee of $100 for CRA Memberships and $45 for Associate Memberships.  Each CRA Membership includes 100 walking guides and a listing on the the downtown directory sign.  

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